Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Can Hear! I Can Hear!

I spoke to my friend Christy at great length about the lack of sound on my computer. Ultimately she found the phone number for HP Help! so I called and got this wonderful guy named Michael H.

He seized control of my computer and marveled right along with me at the lack of sound. Then he did lots of astonishing things and decided that my speakers didn't work.

Stop snickering. I'd considered that many times and had plugged my headset in many times and not gotten any sound many times. So in addition to determining that my speakers didn't work, the fabulous Michael H. performed long distance miracles.

Anyway, I now can hear things through the headset. I don't much like headsets, but then again, I don't much like sound on my computer. Although now that I have it, I'll probably use it all the time. Maybe I'll even buy new speakers.

Earlier today, I e-mailed my editor to ask how her pondering was going, and while I was falling in love with Michael H., she e-mailed back to explain that this was a very busy week for her and she hadn't had time to ponder.

I guess that gives me more time to spend pondering the wonders of Michael H!


Anonymous said...

That Michael H sounds like quite the catch. Then again, I'm also quite partial to the name Michael.

In honor of him, you should name a character in the new book Michael!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good morning KC-

You're right; I should, in some way, honor my cherished Michael H. So what I think I'll do is put out a new edition of my book, The Year Without Michael, and change its name to The Year With Michael (H).

I'm sure he'll be pleased!

Anonymous said...

susan, are you the author of a 1980 book "Paper Dolls" about two teenage models being exploted by their mothers?? If so, I named my daughter after the model Taryn and now she would like to read the book. Please if you can HELP

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anita-

Yup, I "wrote" Paper Dolls. It was actually a job for hire- a novelization of a made for TV movie, about which all I remember is it starred Darryl Hannah before she became semi-famous.

Later on, it became a TV series that lasted one season or maybe less.

I ventured this morning to the nightmare that is my storage closet (the job for the fall is to clean it out) and found a copy of Paper Dolls, which I'll be more than happy to sign to a real live Taryn and send off to you.

E-mail me at (or use that cute little link on the top right of the blog) with your name and address, and I'll send it off next week (post Labor Day).