Monday, August 25, 2008

The Restlessness In My Heart

And a bad bout of insomnia have forced redecorating upon me.

It's always good to shake things up. And what's easiest for me to shake is the look of the blog.

I may still play with the colors (and everything else for that matter), but I have to take my mother to the dentist this morning (and my apologies to all I owe e-mails and comment responses for not getting them done this morning).

Would that one's entire life were as easy to rearrange as the appearance of one's blog...


Anonymous said...

I decided to change my kitchen. I guess I should consider creating a blog, I would have come out much cheaper.

Your new format does look nice.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anonymous-

I've changed my kitchen in my day. But now I rent, so all I have available for redecorating is my blog.

On the whole, it's a lot easier to remodel a blog than a kitchen. When you remodel your blog, you don't have to keep your refrigerator in your living room for a month!

Reading Fool said...

I like it!!

(Btw, I'm absolutely kicking myself for not buying another copy of LAWKI at your West Hartford visit. What was I thinking? I knew there was a hold list! And it could have been autographed, too! Talk about being a fool!)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Reading Fool-

You look so much better in real life.

I like the way the blog looks also, kind of soothing yet stimulating (or vice versa). At some point I'll have something to blog about, and then I'll give the lovely new look some use.

I think I sold all the LAWKIs and d&gs I took with me to West Hartford. I know I'm taking the money with me to New Paltz Crafts Fair this weekend, where I intend to shop obsessively (I need new salt and pepper shakers, although somehow I doubt I'll stop at that one purchase!).

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I liked the design much better the other way.

(Who you will refer to as 'Anonymous Glen' until I remember my password here.)

PS - My wife and I just saw Gypsy, a much darker show than I ever imagined, on Broadway. You ever get to the city to see a show?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi (Anonymous) Glen-

I no longer remember what the previous design looked like, just that it was a vast improvement over the original one.

I need change in my life right now. Think of an autumn version of spring fever.

Actually, I've been thinking about going to see Gypsy. I do get into NYC occasionally and being in the grip of autumn fever, I'd probably be better off if I used some of the restlessless in my heart to get out of the apartment for reasons other than mother appointments. After the Democratic convention, and the US Open ends. Then I'll change my life, and not just the way the blog looks.

Reading Fool said...

I do like the new colors, and for the same reason. But the other reason I like this new look is that things in the sidebar seem to fit better.

And honest, I wasn't fishing for an autographed copy! I was just publicly kicking myself. Anyhow, the problem is being rectified as I type.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Reading Fool-

I must apologize. I got West Hartford and East Greenbush mixed up.

As it happens, I flunked geography in ninth grade.

Congratulations on rectifying a problem so speedily. Would that I could do the same (like learning the difference between West and East!).