Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Report

Oooh, I just noticed this is my 300th blog entry here. Let's party. You bring the refreshments (I'll eat them).

I'm off to New Jersey in an hour or so, and I haven't packed yet, so this will be a short 300th post. But since I discussed earlier what I'd be reading, I felt I should provide an update.

On the flight to Chicago, I became totally engrossed in the latest issue of Films Of The Golden Age, and pretty much only read that. What an issue! It had a great article about the dog who played Asta (did you know the dog who played Asta on The Thin Man TV show was the original Asta's great-grandson? Me neither), and an absolutely wonderful interview with the assistant director of Dracula Vs. Frankenstein. I am not kidding. It was a great, fascinating read.

There was also a good interview with Van Johnson. Oh heck. Even their article about Allene Roberts was interesting.

My flight back was delayed, so I had lots of time to read The Devil In The White City. I made it about halfway through and really enjoyed what I read. But when I got home, I discovered a book I'd reserved from the library had come in- The Wrong Mother by Sophie Hannah. So I scurried to the library and read it Monday and Tuesday (now I can return it on Friday for the next person who's reserved it).

Those kinds of books always sound better than they pan out to be. It was a good read, but it took what felt like 40 pages to explain who did what and why. I can forgive most of an implausible plot, but I like the solutions to be a tad speedier.

Also when I got back, Google informed me of this question on Yahoo. I really feel for this kid, because there are no physical descriptions of the characters. I hate writing descriptions, so I almost never do (and with a diary format, I didn't have to).

What I do have to do is pack. I'll be taking The Devil In The White City along with me, although I won't have much time to read it or anything else this evening. And my trip to Houston was cut short, so I'll just need something to read on the flight there and back, but nothing for long lonely nights at the motel.

Happy 300th. Maybe 301 will be about the arrival of the This World We Live In ARC. Now that's something I know I'll like reading!


heather t said...

Like a lot of Yahoo Questions, this question sounds like someone trying to get out of doing their own homework to me!

Have fun in Joisey!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just came to your site to say that I found the Dead & the Gone at the library the other day and that it is great! Way better once it got started. Thanks for writing such good books (though I think that Life as We Knew It was first, I'll get to that eventually. SO. MANY. GOOD. BOOKS. TO. READ. I can't decide! :D Thanks Susan!

- tOty
(The OTHER Tally Youngblood)
P.S. If u don't know who Tally Youngblood is, Just Google her.)



wOOHOO! page 167!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Heather T and tOty-

Thank you both for your comments.

I should check to see if anyone helped that kid out over at Yahoo. I know I didn't!