Friday, October 9, 2009


It has come to my attention that some silly scientists over at NASA have blown a hole or two in the moon for no other reason than to bother me.

They claim they were looking for water, but for that all they need is a kitchen sink. Or if they're really fussy, they could buy some bottled water at the supermarket, and give me the little plastic rings (they're Scooter's favorite toy).

I don't approve of messing with the moon, and I especially don't approve of it if it means the end of life as we knew it. Besides, if they intended to mess with the moon and kill us, they should have done it on Wednesday. I cleaned the apartment on Thursday, and I'd hate to have wasted my time and energy if we're about to be amongst the dead and the gone. Who needs a clean apartment if this world we live in doesn't exist anymore?

In case you think I'm the only one to be concerned about all this (well, I am the only one to be concerned about having cleaned my apartment, but all this covers a lot more than all that), here's a link to the library in Normal, IL, where they understand how worrysome the whole business is.

I am now going to eat an entire bag of chocolate chips. That'll show NASA!


Dawn said...

Oh no! I am already scared on nights when the moon looks especially close to the I have this to worry about. Clearly, those people at Nasa need to read LAWKI!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Dawn-

With a name like that, you don't have to worry about the moon. You bring the dawn with you wherever you go!

Anonymous said...

Your book was the first thing that I thought about when I heard the news story. I think we should send NASA a copy of the book and maybe they will think twice before messing with the moon. That or send them a bottle of water.

Anonymous said...

Further I must add, if they are going to mess with the moon, they need to wait until after your next book is published!

Caroline said...

I'm not really happy about it either. I complained to my family about it and told them what could happen and then told them about your book. Lol they agreed that it is very bad. Luckily nothing bad has happened to us yet.

Elaine Marie Alphin said...
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Anonymous said...

They should have come to you for permission before they decided on that crazy stunt! I'm feeling a little guilty. I live right next to the 'rocket city' -- Huntsville, AL. Maybe I should go over to the Marshall Flight Center and hand them a copy of LAWKI.


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good Sunday morning Anonymous and Caroline and WandaV-

Well, so far so good. The moon doesn't seem all that much worse for wear, and we're all still alive and eating chocolate.

But next time NASA comes up with such a crazy stunt, they really should clear it with me!