Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guess What UPS Delivered To Me Yesterday!

I'll give you a hint.

Yes, April 1st, the official publication date of This World We Live In, came early this year. It arrived on the evening of Feb. 9.

Here's the official portrait of Life As We Knew It, the dead and the gone, and This World We Live In. To celebrate, there was a family reunion.

Naturally Scooter was interested in This World We Live In.

In fact, he was so curious about what happened to Miranda and Alex, he skipped to the end.

Then, having read enough, he went bowling!


Kathryn said...

They are beautiful. I can't wait until I get my own copy. I loved both The Dead and The Gone, and Life as We Knew it... I can't wait to see the story continue...

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Kathryn-

I agree, they are beautiful. I think Harcourt did an extraordinary job with all three covers.

I'm assuming since I have my copies and my agent has hers, then bookstores should be getting theirs fairly soon.

A whole new thing for me to get excited about!

Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

They're beautiful! I'm so excited to read the third book!!

Elaine Marie Alphin said...

The family looks gorgeous! Enjoy!

Mr. Cavin said...

Your cat didn't do such a hot job with his split, I don't think. Probably couldn't have gotten the spare, but he coulda shot for nine pins at least. Ah well, he's young yet.

And I'm looking forward to buying a new book soon, I guess.

(And thanks for the stickers!)

Nina said...

Yay! Does that mean the audio book comes out earlier as well? They are a beautiful trio. I can hardly wait for #3 :*)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good morning Lisa-Marie Jordan and Elaine Marie Alphin and Mr. Cavin (whose middle name, I trust, is not Marie)-

I have a reading plan already made. I'm going to reread LAWKI and then read This World, and then when the audiobook arrives, I'm going to reread d&g and listen to the audiobook.

I think all this may have to wait until after the Olympics though.

Speaking of which, once Scooter learned bowling wasn't an Olympic sport, he lost all interest in it. He's hoping Bite The Hand That Should Be Feeding Me will be granted full game status by 2012!

Lupe said...

Can't wait till April!!
Maybe I should pre-order....

Anyways, hope you have a lovely day :)

Jan von Harz said...

I am definitely sharing your excitement from a readers point of view. Definitely placing my order NOW!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Nina (you slipped in when I wasn't looking) and Lupe and Jan von Harz-

I can't be sure when the audiobooks will arrive. There was a mixup with the address with the LAWKI audiobooks, so they got to me fairly late. I remember that a lot more vividly than I remember when the d&g audiobooks came.

Google just told me that the Phoenix library is already planning on having the TW audiobook. I hope it gets there on time.

My guess is if copies of TW The Book exist (which they obviously do), they'll exist for purchase fairly soon.

It's an exciting time for me!

Fear Death By Water said...

Guess what came by USPS today?!? 3 book plates. Hope you think I'm not a fan and what not but... what plate goes with what book?


PS Thanks for the gift.

Also brumist ... is that one of the suits they wore in Annie??

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Fear Death By Water aka Tim-

I sign copies of LAWKI with Always Have Hope and d&g with Never Lose Faith and as soon as there are any copies of TW for me to sign, I'll sign them Trust In Tomorrow.

But you can put the bookplates wherever you want. I promise I won't track you down to find out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
That is so cool that you got the books early.
I have to admit, the covers are amazing. Subtle and scary at the same time.
You must be thrilled.
Enjoy tonight's skating!
Maria T.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Maria T.-

I am thrilled. I think all three jackets are beautiful.

And last night's skating was great. Here's to a fabulous pairs free skate (and I hope Shen and Zhao win!).

Ing said...

First of all, THANK YOU so much for the bookplates! I will cherish from forever! Second, I got my hands on an ARC from
I have promoting the pants off of Life as We Knew It and dead and the gone and now I can't wait until I can put this third, incredible book in the hands of readers (I'm a public librarian). I have already pre-ordered our copies.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Ing-

I'm the one who should be thanking you.

So I will.

Thank you!

smilinmera said...

I can't wait! I just finished the second one, so it would be great if it is out! Fantastic books! I'm so gettin gmy food storage in order!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Smilinmera-

You know, I should get my own food storage in order. I'm out of just about everything right now, so there'd better not be any world wide disasters, at least not until the Olympics are over!

Anonymous said...

Is there a book 4 to this amazing series?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Anonymous-

I have no plans to write a fourth book.

I really like the idea of having written a trilogy. It just seems like such a high class thing to have done!

sonu said...

hello Susan.. today i just started reading "the world as we knew it" .. this is the first time am reading it and it has kept me awake since 9pm till 5 am (right now India time)..i must say ..i like reading what u write and enjoyed it aa lot.. hoping to finish the book by tomorrow.. all the best wishes for future releases..
love u
email ::

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Sarmi-

I hope you enjoyed my book. It's so much fun for me to think of people reading it all over the world!

carbar said...

Hi, I just finished reading This World We Live In and it was literally the best book I have ever read!

You have to write another one or another series. They are all so amazing.