Sunday, February 14, 2010

They Could Use Me In Vancouver

You've heard of The Rainmaker? Just call me The Snowmaker.

As you know (because I've mentioned it regularly), my friend Cynthia is giving me a birthday dinner party on Wednesday (aka my birthday). Cynthia and me and six or maybe seven of my friends (we're still waiting to hear from Linda). I know what the menu is (Mexican lasagna) and what the dessert is (Carol is bringing a Carvel ice cream cake with my favorite ice cream flavors and lots of icing flowers) and I'm so happy about all this that there are no words to describe how happy I am.

So naturally, they're predicting snow.

In this case, the they of they're seems to be everybody. The question is simply when will it start and how long will it last and how much will there be.

I read one report that said it'll start Monday night, then snow until Tuesday morning, with only about four inches (I can live with that). But that selfsame forecast then said there'd be flurries Wednesday night, which means there'll be a blizzard.

Cynthia will have a lot of Mexican lasagna. And Carol will have a lot of icing flowers. And I'll be the grownup crying It's Not Fair! and slamming her bedroom door (Scooter'll love that).

Le highly pessimistic triple sigh. The only thing I'm ever consistently pessimistic about is weather on my birthday. Whenever I have no plans, it's unseasonably warm. When I do have plans, there's a blizzard.

I'd move to Australia where it's summer except they drive on the other side of the street.

But if the IOC wants to send me a ticket to Vancouver, I'd be happy to make it snow in time for all the skiing events. All they have to do is promise me a birthday party with an ice cream cake with lots of icing flowers.

Watch out Lindsey Vonn. Here I come!


Paige Y. said...

Even here in the South where we celebrate the little snow we get, this winter it's getting old. I'm ready for warm weather.

I noticed the other day that the 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships will be in Greensboro, NC. Are you planning to go to them?

Lupe said...

First of all, I wanna wish you an early Happy B-day and hope everything turns out great despite the weather. Thought I don't follow the Olympics closely, I love figure skating. And I just found out about the interview with YARN so I'm reading it right now! :)

Have a good day,


[ Ha ha, I just noticed it sounds all random and fast. Sorry about that :) ]

JudiJ said...

Good weather in Australia, Susan, especially right now towards the end of summer. Driving on the other side of the street ain't so bad and Scooter would lurv it here, (well maybe apart from the snakes, spiders, crocodiles and other bitey things).

Now that I have reinforced a few stereotypes (we're not all Crocodile Dundee, fortunately) thanks so much for the stickers which have arrived safely here down under and will find loving homes.

Have a very happy day on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan:

Happy Shared B-day (mine's the 17th, too)! Hope you were able to decipher the e-mail of the potential problems California might have in the next few years.

Hope you're doing fine.

Anonymous Santa Fe

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Paige Y. and Lupe and JudiJ and Anonymous Santa Fe-

I'll start with the all important weather report. They're predicting 3-6 inches (there's a big difference between 3 and 6 inches for those of you who don't know that), but it should end by Tuesday night, so all systems are go for my Wednesday night birthday party (and happy birthday to you also Anonymous Santa Fe!).

US Nationals in Greensboro is on my possible list. Nationals are so much fun, and it's the first east coast one they've had in a while.

I think they did a great job with the YARN interview. I've put a link up to it, and there's another interview that showed up today I need to link to.

And unless Scooter learns how to drive on the other side of the street, my guess is we'll never be Australians!

Paige Y. said...

I live about 20 minutes from Greensboro -- if you go to the championships, I'd love the chance to meet you in person.

Anonymous said...

The party, methinks, will be nearby,
and non-dependent upon snowfly.

Happy Birthday eve!

W. Slezak
(entaxe) Say NO to entaxe!

Wendy said...

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy that ice cream cake. My daughter turned 3 yesterday and we all enjoyed cake and ice cream, but not ice-cream cake.

Anonymous said...

A Very Merry Happy Birthday, Sue. To you! And Many MOOOOORE...

Nora said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the snow cooperated.

Fear Death By Water said...

Hope your day is a good one ... I'm off to class now. Only 6 hours away from my masters in reading. WooT


Carlie said...

I was so glad to find your blog. My daughter told me about it. Both of my daughters and I have read Life as We Know It and really enjoyed it. I was so glad to see you had written two more. I can't wait to read them. Happy Birthday!!!

Paige Y. said...

Happy Birthday Susan! I hope your party was grand.

Jon said...

Happy Birthday Sue! I hope it wasn't snowing to terribly and you got to have your party. What is Mexican Lasanga? The name sounds delicious. Did you watch the pairs short program in the olympics? GO CANADA even though we came sixth. Anyway, I am done rambling. Happy Birthday again.

sarah said...

Happy birthday, Sue!! Yay for February birthdays :)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Paige Y. and W. Slezak and Wendy and Anonymous and Nora and Tim and Carlie and Jon and Sarah-

Thank you all for your birthday wishes.

I'm delighted to report there was no blizzard (I don't even think there was a flurry).

There's still plenty of snow outside, but I'm cautiously optimistic it'll be melted by the time This World We Live In is officially published.

Actually, my word verification is nospo, which is almost the same as no snow!

Jen's Quilts said...

Hey Susan!

I just read this week's Publisher's Weekly and you were cited several times in an article about apocolyptic teen literature. How exciting. Congratulations! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Jen's Quilts-

I love it when I'm mentioned or quoted in an article.

It makes me feel almost famous!