Monday, April 26, 2010

And What A Mom Joan Crawford Would Have Made

I get asked on a regular basis if there are any plans for movie versions of Life As We Knew It, the dead and the gone, or This World We Live In, and the answer is no.

It's not like there's a law against it, and I'd certainly be thrilled if the answer were yes, but as of this moment, there are no plans.

However, since my life is currently a giant blob of rewrites on Blood Wounds and taking care of a variety of elderly mother issues, I'm more than happy to indulge in a little career fantasy.

So I'm opening the issue of casting the great LAWKI/d&g/TW saga up to you. Jon already offered suggestions as a starter (and feel free, Jon, to bring that cast list over here). Money is no object, since only reality requires a budget.

If there are multiple suggestions for casting, I'll put up a poll or two or three. If no one wants to play the game, then I win (Betty White as Mrs. Nesbitt!).

I hear something. Is it the siren call of rewrites? Or is that Scooter rehearsing his Oscar acceptance speech for Best Performance By A Supporting Cat?

Either way, it's trouble!


Bailey said...

I think Betty White would make a great Mrs. Nesbitt! I think as a Miranda could be, me, jk, it could be Abigale Breslin. :)

Glen said...

I vote for Sigourney Weaver as mom. People go see movies with Sigourney Weaver in them.


Bryce said...

I agree with both Bailey and Glen's picks for the cast! I especially like the idea of Sigourney Weaver as Mom! I think maybe Peter should be Mark Harmon or something!


Unknown said...

To add another
Megan: Anna Kendrick

Abigail said...

Miranda's boyfriend in LAWKI should definitaly be Max Theriot
I think a good mom would be Rose Bryne

GenericName said...

Hurm, It's too hard thinking about tdatg, so I'll think about that later. For LAWKI, prepare for big names... maybe.

Mum- Sigourney Weaver (Thanks to Glen and Bailey, I am now thinking it too.)
Peter- George Clooney (Get it? Cause Peter is a doctor and George Clooney used to be on ER? -canned laughter-)
Mrs. Nesbitt- Helen Mirren
Miranda- I'm thinking the actress of the elder sister from Modern Family. I forgot her name... Sarah Hyland. There we are.
Matt- Aaron Johnson (He is a great actor, too bad his new film didn't do as well as everyone thought it hoped.)

Dawn M. said...

Betty White isn't even close to what I was imagining for Mrs. Nesbitt but it works for me! LOL.

The only other ones I can think of is:

Susan Sarandon for Mom
Alexander F. Rodriguez for Alex

Judith said...

What a fun idea! Let's make the Life as We Knew It movie happen.

If I was casting:

Miranda's mother: Joan Allen
Mrs. Nesbitt: Rosemary Ann Harris, but I like the Betty White idea!
Nurse or nun: Susan Beth Pfeffer (cameo)
Priest: Sean Connery (cameo)
Horton: Scooter

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Bailey and Glen and Bryce and Jon and Abigail and GenericName and Dawn M. and Judith and thank you for your suggestions, all of which I've enjoyed.

In particular, thank you GenericName for suggesting George Clooney. He adds a particular note of fabulosity to my fantasies.

I will be more than happy to play a small part, but Scooter is demanding more lines for Horton.

My people are talking to his cats!

Vanessa said...

Hi Susan! Thank you! This is going to be so fun!(oh i asked you what actresses and actors would play in the movie if it happened)ok so heres my ideas:

Miranda-Charlie Ray
Matt-Arron Johnson (definetly!)
Jonny-Josh Hucherson???
Sammi-Anna Kendrick
Dan-Max Thieriot
Julie-Selena Gomez

Anonymous said...

Josh hucherson would definitaly make a great jonny

Unknown said...

I think the guy that plays Wilson on house, um Robert Sean Leonard would actually make a good Peter. I like the Max whatever is a good Dan

Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller said...

Wow, what a thought! Let's see...

I like Abigail Breslin as Miranda. We know she can do the thoughtful narrating stuff.

Wes Ramsey or Drew Fuller as Matt - one is blond and one is dark, so whichever you like!

Cameron Bright as Jon.

Betty White is good. I like the idea of a doctor as Peter, but how about Noah Wylie?

James Read as Miranda's father.

Hmm...I'll have to think some more. Miranda's mother is a really hard pick!


Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller said...

Psst this is Aoife from Ireland...I set up a blog the other day and that's the name that comes up now!

Sarah said...

I really like Anna Kendrick and I think she could pull off Miranda. And Scooter definitely has to play Horton!

As far as everyone else, I really like the suggestions so far... I think I have to think about it for a while.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Vanessa and Anonymous and Jon and Aoife with a fancy new name and Sarah-

I love reading all the casting suggestions, so thank you. I think there'll be enough suggestions for a poll or two.

Maybe I should have asked about directors also.

Anyway, in my fantasy world, the haunting theme tune is sung by Adam Lambert ("Life as we knew it. I can't quite get through it...")!

Anonymous said...

personally to me, abigal breslin is too young and looks to young i definitly agree with Anna

Katie said...

same abigail breslin is not going to work out

Jessie said...

yea i like charlie ray as miranda better

Anonymous said...

Hi ok go to this blog! it has some really good pictures of who the cast should be!

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Anna Kendrick would be perfect for Miranda!

And I could totally see Taylor Lautner as Alex!

Anonymous said...

is Taylor Lautner mexican?

Jessie said...

i dont think ana kendrick could be like sad and stuff

Soccerluv said...

hey! i have a new blog with ideas for the actors and actresses! so come and check it out! It also has pictures!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Katie, Jessie, Missie, Anonymous and Soccerluv and thank you for your thoughts, suggestions, and blog link.

I'm going to set up three polls with four choices each for Miranda, Mom and Matt (the Three Ms).

We'll see who the ideal cast turns out to be!

SeeYaSoonBookDeal said...

I think Abigail Breslin would fit... :/ she isn't that young...

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello SeeYaSoonBookDeal (that would be a great name for a race horse)-

I'm sure Abigail Breslin would play Miranda at least as well as None Of The Above!

Anonymous said...

um she is 13 Miranda is like 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

um abigal bresslin is 13...Miranda is supposed to be like 16!!

Anonymous said...

oh i thought i put abigal bresslin is 13...Miranda lis like 16!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Josh Hucherson and Betty White would be good in this movie... for one thing Josh is to old! And Mrs. Nesbitt shouldn't have that white white hair..