Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Reasons To Celebrate

Just a couple (if you don't include Evan Lysacek doing the tango and the Yankees winning their home opener and the upcoming appearances of Adam Lambert on American Idol).

I was too tired yesterday from The Great Scooter Battle to announce that we have sold the Brazilian rights to Life As We Knew It, the dead and the gone, and This World We Live In to Editora Bertrand Brazil. This is the first time any of my books will have been published in South America and the first time any of my books will have been translated to Portuguese. I am muito feliz. I'd be muito excited except the online English-Portuguese dictionary couldn't find excited. But I'm more than feliz to be feliz.

Another truly excellent reason to celebrate is that today is the official release date of Listening Library's audiobook version of This World We Live In, read by Emily Bauer. I don't have my copies yet, because apparently Listening Library doesn't release anything until the official release dates (or at least not anything to me). Presumably today, they sent off my copy, but probably not to me. I think it goes to my agent first, and then to me. Le suspiro (that's French/Portuguese to add a true note of class to the procedings).

Quite possibly any number of people will have heard Emily Bauer read TW before I do, but then again, any number of people have read the German version of LAWKI, and I still don't have my copy. Admittedly, I won't read it when I do get it, but at least I'll learn how to say "Lisa is pregnant" in German. If I'm ever sent the German LAWKI audiobook (read by Stefanie Stappenbeck), I'll truly learn how to say "Lisa is pregnant" in German.

There's a thin line between celebrating and whining. One that I'm more than happy to cross!


Nina said...

I have been waiting for the audio to show up on audible.com. Thanks for announcing that it was out. It's downloading right now! I have the book but have not had a chance to get too far into it yet. (I do a lot of driving, so the audiobook route is my favorite). Yay! And it's even sunny here in Maine today :*)

Elaine Marie Alphin said...

It looks great, Sue! It's available from iTunes as well as Audible. She's such a good reader - I'm sure this one will be another wonderful listen. More reason to celebrate: I got down 3,500 words yesterday it two chapters anad I'm closing in on first draft completion! (Okay, that's really more reason for me to celebrate, I suppose, but I figured you'd be happy to join in.)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello to Nina and to Elaine Marie Alphin-

I'm eager to listen to TW, but I did tell myself I really should reread both books before listening to it, and I haven't even begun to do that (I had decided I shouldn't reread them while I was working on Blood Wounds).

I'm thinking of taking copies of both books to Missouri with me on Sunday, reading LAWKI on the way there and d&g on the way back, and then when the audiobooks show up, I'll be prepared.

Or maybe I'll take one of the novels I picked up for the trip instead!

And congratulations Elaine Marie Alphin on getting so much writing done. You'll be an inspiration to me when I return to Blood Wounds for rewrites and polishing.

LuMa said...

Ha, that is another reason to celebrate! :]I've never listened to audio books because, honestly, I am not a good listener, but hopefully I will get to read the book soon. As soon as I am done with my school essay and then my mom might finally let me buy it [she's a little mad about me buying too many novels and not having anymore space to place them at home or time to do h.w].

I just realized that I might be the only fan of the series who has not read the final book :[ ahhh!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Lupe-

The only audiobooks I ever listen to are those of my books. I also prefer to read than to be read to.

You know you can take This World We Live In out of the library and read their copy.

I love my library!

Anonymous said...

Our hour two, Challenge Communication Arts class at Northgate Middle School in KCMO just started reading Life As We Knew It. We enjoy the way you build suspense early on. We are also reading your daily blogs. When you stop in Missouri to receive your award next week, please consider a stop at our school.
Elizabeth Hack and her wonderful Second Hour Class

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello to Elizabeth Hack and the wonderful Second Hour Class at Northgate Middle School-

You know, I've been to Missouri several times, but I've never been to KC. I have a friend who lived there for a while, and she loved it.

Alas, I won't get to see it this trip either. I'm flying in on Sunday and home on Tuesday, and I'm going to be very busy on Monday!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a project on you for school. Can you tell me what inspired you to start writing and what influences you now? I know I can find bits here and there, but one main list would be great. Thanks in advance for your help.

Elaine Marie Alphin said...

Have a safe and delightful trip to Missouri, Sue. I'm heading to Bozeman today, with 3,200 words down yesterday, just over 2,000 words done so far today, and about half a chapter to go on the new book to finish when I get there - a thrilling feeling! I'm sure Monday is going to be a terrific day for you - and I'm so glad you'll be coming home to return to Blood Wounds after you get your award. The sooner you finish it, the sooner we all get to read it.
: )

Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller said...

You know, as soon as I heard 'Volcanic ash cloud' I thought...well, I'm sure you can guess. I don't suppose you're that worried about it yet, but it's sure messing things up for us!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Elaine Marie Alphin and to Aoife, who are both thousands of miles away from me and even more thousands of miles away from each other-

I'm very glad the volcanic ash isn't affecting air travel in the U.S. since I'll be off to Missouri tomorrow. And I trust it won't affect trips to Bozeman.

But it's certainly a story I'm following. And I know other people have made the connection, because I've been getting emails on the subject!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anonymous-

I always loved making up stories, so more than anything, that inspired me to be a writer.

And I still love making up stories, so that continues to inspire me.

If you're looking for information about me, check out any of the interviews I have links to on the right side of the blog. I'm a very chatty person!

April Henry said...

Lisa ist schwanger. Lisa erwartet ein Kind.

When I had X-rays and was living in German they would ask me if I was pregnant, then poke me in the stomach and say "baby?" to make sure I wasn't.

Just say the word if you want to blog tour over at my place.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Happy (if rushed) Sunday morning April Henry-

Thanks for the German lesson and for the invitation.

I cheerfully accept the latter!