Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blame It All On Those Pesky Volcanoes

In this case, "It" refers to the total incoherence of this blog entry.

Tomorrow, volcanoes permitting, I'll be flying to Missouri to attend the Missouri Association Of School Librarians Spring Conference. I'll be doing a couple of presentations (on my favorite subject- ME!), autographing books, and receiving the very first ever Truman Award for Life As We Knew It. And I'm going to get to see my incredibly nice friend Beth, who moved to Missouri a few years ago and is driving a great distance to have lunch with me.

We all miss Beth a lot, and I have secret instructions to kidnap her and bring her back. Assuming she'll fit in my carry on luggage (I love Beth but not enough to pay those extra luggage fees).

Yesterday, my mother and I got our hairs cut. As soon as we walked in, the woman who cuts our hair excitedly handed me a Delia*s Catalog. Here's why:

The same ad is also running in the April/May issue of Justine Magazine. It looks unusually pretty in person.

For the most part, I don't know where you live (actually I don't know if you exist, or if you do exist, if you're really named Anonymous), but if any of you live near Kingston, NY (as I do), I'll be signing books at the Barnes & Noble there on Sat. April 24 at 2 PM. I look unusually pretty in person also.

I am also unusually chatty. Here's a link to a new interview at Reading with Tequila.

Since I'm currently not working on Blood Wounds, I've had time to devote to more historic matters. One of the NYC sports stations was running an All Time All Star New York Baseball team discussion, and with the help of my brother, we have most of the positions filled:

Pitchers: Sandy Koufax, Christy Mathewson, Mariano Rivera

Catcher: Mike Piazza

First Base: Lou Gehrig

Second Base: Jackie Robinson

Shortstop: Derek Jeter

Third Base: Alex Rodriguez

Right Field: Babe Ruth

Center Field: Willie Mays

Left Field: Undecided

I really loved Roy White, but he doesn't exactly belong in an outfield I couldn't even get Joe DiMaggio on. So we're open to suggestions. My brother says Jackie Robinson played left field on occasion, as did Yogi Berra, so we could just slide one of them in there, but it doesn't seem right. But I've devoted a great many brain cells to this all star team, and it is a shame leaving left field unoccupied.

My father adored Sandy Koufax. Babe Ruth was his favorite player when he was growing up. And although he was a lifetime Yankee fan, he also loved the Dodgers for being the first team to integrate (and for having Sandy Koufax on their staff). Oh, and in honor of my father, the All Time All Star New York Baseball Team designated hitter is Ron Blomburg.

Now if my father only played left field, we'd be set!

ETA: I just remembered. The incredibly nice Beth gave me the Figure Skating Bunny Rabbits. Where would Scooter and I be without them!


Lupe said...

Hi Susan!
I wish I lived in Missouri or New York!
By the way, congrats on the award :]
Do you ever come to book signings in California?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Lupe-

I almost never get asked to do book signings.

When asked though, I go!

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention baseball.... I stayed up way too late last night watching the great Abbott and Costello doing their "Who's On First" routine. Classic!


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Wanda V-

It is a classic. My brother and I used to quote it all the time, along with Niagara Falls!

Lorielle said...

I do live in MO! Where or where in MO are you? :) I live in St. Peters, which is essentially St. Louis. I just bought all three of your books, I've never read them yet, but am ready to dive into "Life As We Knew It" later today.

BookGirl said...

Thanks so much for coming to MASL to accept your Truman Award. You were a hit and I'm extremely honored to have gotten to spend some time with you.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello to Lorielle and to BookGirl-

I had a wonderful time in Missouri. As far as I can tell, everybody who lives there is extremely nice.

No wonder my friend Beth loves it there!