Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Should I Do Rewrites? Or Should I Go To The Movies?

I'm opting for rewrites. I'll be finished sometime this afternoon.

But I recommend going to the movies for a million other people. Because the thirty second book trailer for This World We Live In (which I think is actually the thirty second book trailer for Life As We Knew It) is going to be playing at scores of movie theaters throughout America. Here's the list (alas, none of them are near me):

RGL1290 Grant Plaza PA-Philly 9 screens

Philadelphia RGL 1314 Main St. 6 6 screens

Regal E-Walk 13 RGL1929 42nd St. 13 screens

Movieland Yonkers Central Park Ave. RGL1232 6 screens

Chicago Showplace 16 RGL621 16 screens

Anaheim Hills 14 RGL1003 14 screens

LA Live Los Angeles RGL697 14 screens

Thornton Place with IMAX Seattle RGL1937 13 screens

Berkley 7 (San Francisco area) RGL1172 7 screens

San Francisco AMC 0434 Van Ness 14 14 screens

Boston (Manchester) RGL1930 13 screens

Dallas AMC0150 Valley View 16 16 screens

Washington DC RGL1551 Gallery Place 14 14 screens

Atlanta RGL1309 Perimeter Pointe 10 10 screens

The trailer will play on 179 screens. The video will play for 2 weeks, 7 days a week. It will play at least one time, usually two, before the movie starts. Most movies play at least 4 times in a day.

The video should play approximately 716 times a day; 5012 times a week; 10,024 total for the campaign.

Please be aware that the video receives prime placement as well. It will play right before the movie trailers start.

Oh heck. Maybe I'll drive down to Yonkers and take in a movie. But I'd better get my rewrites finished first!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the trailer going to the movie theaters! None of the theaters you listed are near me, though... :( Hope the movie is great! [If you're rewrites are done :)]


Elaine Marie Alphin said...

Way cool - wish I were anywhere near any of the theatres! And congrats on being so near finishing your revisions - you editor will be so impressed. And you'll be able to have fun all July, knowing you've been virtuous and met your deadline. : )


Glen said...

So now, when I go to the movies and then go home and complain to my kids about how I never had commercials in movies when I was growing up, I'll be talking about you.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Courtney, Elaine Marie Alphin, and Glen-

Notice that comma after Elaine Marie Alphin? I learned to do that from the rewrites on Blood Wounds. My editor had to put in a lot of commas I didn't know were needed.

Now I've learned (although I don't know how long I'll remember).

The Yonkers movie theater is an hour ten minutes from me, according to Google, and Marci has agreed to come with me. We'll go on Tuesday. We have no idea what movie we'll see, but basically we don't care. Marci even suggested we run from theater to theater to watch the book trailer, but I don't know if we can get away with it.

And you're right Glen-commercials in movie theaters are really annoying. Except of course, if they're for my books!

ETA-My word verification is "kindess," which is so close to such a nice word.

Anonymous said...

Yay on the trailer in the movies. Alas, none are close to me, but I will watch the trailer on the net.

Sunshine :-)

Robin said...

I saw the trailer last night at the DC Regal theater before a showing of Eclipse! I was so shocked (having shamefully not seen this blog post until now) but delighted when I realized that that trailer that looked an awful lot like that video you'd posted to your blog actually was that trailer. It looked great on the big screen!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Robin and thank you-

I'm so excited someone has actually seen the trailer. It makes it feel more real this way.

Now read every entry on this blog and expect to be tested on it!