Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get A Life (As We Knew It)

Recently, one of the many anonymous souls who leave comments on this blog (and I love each and every anonymous one of you)suggested, not unkindly, that I get a life.

I gave this some thought and decided I wouldn't know what to do with a life if I got one. Or worse yet, what if the life I got wasn't as good as the life I sort of have.

Not that this past week's life has been particularly easy. I had printer problems and computer problems, and had a glass bottle in my bathroom shatter into a zillion dangerous pieces (the bathroom being a place both Scooter and I walk around barefoot in). Speaking of Scooter, he has now figured out an extortion racket. If I don't play with him and his new favorite toy, he attacks me until in self-defense I get the toy and start playing. Since Scooter can play with this toy (and me) for an hour straight, and since it involves the use of my right hand, it's getting very tricky to get work done on the never ending Hart manuscript. Which I would really like to end. I'm expending far too much energy on a book that may never see publication.

Hey, with all that energy, maybe I could get a life. There's got to be a fun one around somewhere.

On a considerably cheerier note, Jason's Bookstack was kind enough to interview me. And I got my copy of Chroniques De La Fin Du Monde Au Commencement, and learned, just as I expected, that Lisa est enceinte.
As is my wont, I brought the newest LAWKI over to meet its family.

And as is Scooter's wont, he decided to help with the reunion.

Now if he would only help me get a life!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue:

I have returned to praise you, not to bury you. (Wow, bits of two cliches in one.)

I am quite disturbed that someone has taken the good name of 'anonymous' and used it to be mean to you; although I agree that it's probably just the youth in this rogue Anon speaking.

I must say that I find your blog to be very homey and you convey everything that you do, big or little, in such a style that I feel I know not only you, but your friends and relatives as well. It gives me a good feeling to read your blog. How many things can we say that about?

You have a wonderful life, from what I read, and I am very happy to be part of it, albeit it from a distance.


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thanks Glen-

And thanks for saying homey and not homely.

My word verification is "brontred" which I take to mean tred upon by a Bronte or possibly a brontosaureus.

Given a choice, I pick Bronte, since they weighed considerably less!

Wanda Vaughn said...

I love your books, I love your blog and I love the small tidbits of life that you give us.

Authors do not live in a vacuum and neither do they(we) live in a Hollywood action movie.

Keep on bloggin'!

my word verification is treat and that's what seeing a post from you is. :o)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hallo Wanda Vaughn-

I think I'd like to live in a vacuum, at least for a little bit. The Hollywood action movie would probably be a bit too much for me!

Joe said...


I just finished "Life As We Knew It". This was an accidental discovery that I made at the library. For some time, I've preferred reading young adult books over adult fiction, which these days is abysmal.

I loved "Life As We Knew It" and I enjoyed the preview of the second book. But it wasn't until I discovered you had a blog that I also discovered that it's an entire series!

I am looking forward to reading "The Dead and the Gone" but I truly enjoyed "Life As We Knew It". It is the most recent young adult novel I am reading after coming off "The Hunger Games" trilogy. Miranda is as great a lead character as Katniss. I am looking forward to "This World We Live In" so I can see Miranda and her family again.


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thank you Joe!