Friday, March 4, 2011

I'll Take Disasters For 800, Alex

When I was writing Life As We Knew It, not knowing if it would ever be published, I fantasized about book clubs using it for discussions. It just felt like a book clubby kind of book to me, which given that I'm not a member of any book clubs is further proof of my fervid imagination.

Then LAWKI got published, and indeed book clubs did start using it. Local book club discussions I heard about because I was local (I still am local as well as being loco, but alas, I'm not low cal). For information about book club discussions in the rest of the world, I depended, as I so often do, on Google.

Recently Google was kind enough to inform me that the Morton Grove Public Library in Morton Grove, IL would be discussing LAWKI, complete with snacks and Jeopardy.

Well, snacks I'm used to. But a Life As We Knew It Jeopardy game sounded too wonderful to miss. So I googled around until I could find an email address for the Morton Grove Public Library Youth Services Dept. and when I did, I emailed and begged. Okay. I begged for snacks while I was at it, but mostly I begged for the Jeopardy questions. I used as my chief begging points the fact that librarians and teachers do drop by here on occasion, loooking for ideas, and I knew they'd love a LAWKI Jeopardy game. Just maybe I mentioned I'd love one too.

The Young Adult Librarian was extremely kind and generous and sent me the Jeopardy questions. I played the entire game and only got a couple wrong.

I bet I would have done better if I'd had a snack.

Anyway, here is Life As We Knew It Jeopardy.

Eat your heart out, Watson!

ETA: I have now loaded the game onto Twitter.


Dawn M. said...

Uh oh, the link went to a Windows Live log in page - which I don't have an ID for. Is there another way to see the questions?


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good morning Dawn M-

I was very proud of myself for even figuring out the Windows Live link. But I'll see what I can do (no guarantees though- this internet stuff isn't my strong suit).

Meanwhile my word verification is "tater" a well known snack!

Wanda Vaughn said...

How cool is this? I'd be happy just to have AR questions assigned to my book. sigh.

word verification: phisa
isn't that some kind of facial cleanser? do I need to go wash my face? lol

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Wanda Vaughn-

I've been incredibly fortunate with the interest libraries and schools have shown the moon books.

But I agree with you about AR questions. They really make a difference.

Wanda Vaughn said...

I'm hoping to curry favor since my books are/will be based on Alabama history.

Your stories are just that good!

Abigail said...

Yeah- i was gonna say the same as Dawn M. but she beat me too it! haha :D
either way my verification word is graffier, i have no clue what that is, maybe like a grapher, im not that good at math though...

Donna said...

I have a windows ID but still can't seem to get to the link.