Monday, August 1, 2011

In August A Freelance Children's Book Writer Buys Bleach And Writes Books

Not even in that order. I went back to writing The Shade Of The Moon yesterday afternoon, spoke to Princess Summerfallwinterspring at great length last night, and scurried over to Price Chopper this morning to buy the bleach.

At some point today, I'll venture onto the patio and bleach down Cujo. This will involve throwing out the bag of garbage that's currently in there, and I don't know who'll find that job more distasteful, me or the fruit flies. But it must be done, le fruit fly infested sigh.

Generally I feel about August as I used to feel about Sundays- I love not being in school but I hate the knowledge I'll be there in a day (or month). But since July ended on such a note of difficulty (actually more like a symphony of difficulty), I'm willing to embrace August with open arms and typing hands. And no matter what, I don't have to go to school in September. So three cheers for August.

Another nice thing about my new favorite month is it inches the publication date of Blood Wounds ever so much closer. Amazon noticed that also, and asked me to write a Dear Amazon Reader for their Blood Wounds page.

All right. I'm off to work myself into a pre-writing frenzy by playing Free Cell and eating lunch. Then back to The Shade Of The Moon I'll go.

Since the alternative is throwing out garbage and bleaching the trash can, my guess is I'll get a lot of writing done today!


Fear Death By Water said...


'nuff said. :)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Fear Death By Water-

Thank you! But I think I'll have to wait for my migraine to subside before I risk any Megadeth!