Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Done Is Done And Cannot Be Undone (Except When You Play Free Cell)

Not having heard yet from my editor about The Shade Of The Moon (notice how I cleverly avoid beginning this blog entry with a certain pronoun I'm unduly fond of) I (there it is) have been keeping busy with jobs that must be done.

The most important of said jobs (am I in a classy mood or what) was clearing out my mother's apartment. Fortunately for me, and thanks in part to the power of my whining, my brother and my friend Marci did more than their share (well, Marci didn't have to do any, but did because she's a good and true friend). Thursday morning I'll officially turn the keys over. Then I'll go to my mother's room and swap her clean clothes for dirty ones. Apartments come and go but laundry is forever.

I've also spent a certain amount of time marvelling at my goddaughter Allison's new business. Allison is a national award winning cheese maker, and already quite a number of restaurants and gourmet shops are carrying her Ricotta.

When I'm not doing my mother's laundry or cheering Allison on or winning at Free Cell (thanks to the Undo button, I have a 281 game winning streak), I've been cleaning out the outside storage closet (aka The VCR Burial Ground). One of the things I took from my mother's apartment was her paper shredder, and for a while I was shredding old electric bills and the suchlike. Eventually I got bored with shredding and simply dumped all the old bills at the neighborhood recycling center (for any of you interested in stealing my identity the papers are on the bottom of Bin Number 2).

But in the midst of all the old bills, I found my even older account books. I recycled the pages devoted to how much I spent on electricty, but I kept the ones that had the records of my (pathetic) earnings. Here's how I did in 1977-79:

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to find out I'd earned royalties for Whatever Words You Want To Hear. As you can see from its current one cent pricetag, it wasn't the most successful of my books.

Let's hope my current books do a tad better. I enjoy being able to spend money!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, oh gracious Godmother! Imagine, all you Susan Beth Pfeffer fans, growing up hearing Susan's story plots from the "voice" herself. What fun!

Without a doubt, Susan will be included in the Godmother Hall of Fame.

Paige Y. said...


I bought Blood Wounds last night -- can't wait to read it.


Hanna B. said...

I just finished This World we Live In Best book I have ever read thank you so much for writing it:)

Hanna :)

Tez Miller said...

Ah, Solitaire is my computer game of choice. Draw One, untimed. My win percentage is about 50% ;-)


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello to Anonymous (aka Lakin's Gorges Cheese) and Paige Y. and Hanna B. and Tez Miller and thank you one and all-

To cover all the comments, I've written a poem:

I love being a godmother
And I love to write.
But my 283 game winning streak at Free Cell
Is my current best delight!