Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I See Poland. I See France.

I see Scooter
In his underpants.

Well, I would if he wore any. Trust me, I see all of him dressed or undressed constantly.

But that has nothing to do with my career. Let alone the international part of my career, which is what I'm writing about. Poetry is extra.

Oh, speaking of poetry, Scooter wrote a poem. He was clearly inspired by the character Ruby in The Shade Of The Moon Number 3.

Rubies are red
Emeralds are green
If I don't get fed
I'll eat your spleen.
Back to my career. We'll start with France because I found out, via my obsessive following of Amazon, that Chroniques De La Fin Du Monde, Tome 3: Les Survivants came out on Thursday.

I know this for a fact because I got an email from someone in France who bought a copy Thursday. I have to take her word for what it looks like because my publisher hasn't yet sent me a copy.

If you squint very hard, you'll see that at one glorious point its Amazon ranking was 459. Trust me, it's nowhere near that right now, so it's a good thing I printed it when I could.

Moving over to Poland, Google News was kind enough today to send me a link to a Polish review of the Polish version of Life As We Knew It. At lest I think it's a review. This is what Google Translations claims it says, and it sounds kind of reviewish to me.

Within a few moments to the world sixteen Miranda of Pennsylvania turned upside downShe led a quiet, ordinary life, along with his two brothers - older than the younger Matt and Jonny - and mother. But everything changed when the asteroid hit the moonSince then, Earth's climate and geosphere go crazyThere was the era  of powerful earthquakes, giant tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, which led to very serious climate change. Miranda and her family need each day to fight for survival, despite the constant hunger and lack of prospects for improvement.

The life that we knew the first part of the three-volume series of Survivors by Susan Beth PfefferThe book was on  the seventh in a list of YALSA's TeensTop Tenreached the finals Andre Norton Award, Hal Clement Award and the Quill Awards. The novel takes the form of a log: Miranda shows in him his life before and after the disaster, the entries are short and full of simple, youth language, so the book reads quickly and is easy to read. In addition, this form gives the author the possibility of acquiring the presentation of the heroine's feelings - her hope for survival and a better future, anxiety about loved ones, the pain felt by the death or departure of many famous people, and fear caused by the subsequent massive cataclysms
anyone knows what role the moon, it is not difficult to predict the consequences of altering its position in relation to our planet, and thus - another disaster. However, for readers not fully known is the fate of the characters and the answers to key questions. Can they survive? Do you receive assistanceWhat is the fate of Miranda's family living in an area where more than others? Are people able to control the raging climate? Growing problems, but still smoldering glimmer of hope makes the novel draws to the end.

Among the best know as Miranda and her family. Official accurately represents the appearance of the characters, their feelings, passions, and family relationships. The book shows how the man changed the face of great tragedyas he can devote himself to save the beloved people. Miranda and Jonny before the disaster were just ordinary children, but unfortunately they are forced to make many sacrifices, and to make responsible decisions. Everybody's daily struggle with his weaknesses and wszechpanujÄ…cym hunger. Above all, strive to maintain friendly relations with loved ones and avoid pointless arguments. Family members are characterized by very thoughtful behavior, so they are prepared for problems before they manage to appear. Other characters are shown only briefly.

Watching exciting, dramatic struggle heroes from various problemswe get to the end of life, we knewskonsturowanej so that arouses an immediate desire to reach for the next part of the cycle. The struggle with the elements has not been completed, and the fate of Miranda and her family will weigh more in the next two novels.
Apparently, the book came out on Feb. 28, but the publisher hasn't yet sent me a copy. Thanks to the review, I know what the book jacket looks like, and I love it. I think it is  bardzo bardzo cool (actually bardzo, which Google Translations assures me means "very" is bardzo bardzo cool on its own).

So that's it for reporting on my international career, except to say that my national and international publishers don't seem to have gotten around to sending me my royalty checks, which I think is bardzo bardzo bardzo uncool!


Claire said...

Hello Susan,

I'm so glad to have found your blog and could leave you a comment.
I'm french, and bought your book last saturday and almost finished it. Already !

I'm really attached to your characters and would really like to follow them on the road and learn more about other survivors.

You talk here about "the dark shade of the moon" is this Tome 4 ? Have you a date for the release ?

Thank you

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Bonjour Claire-

I'm writing a possible fourth book (or tome) with the working title of The Shade Of The Moon.

If I'm good, I'll get to work on it as soon as I finish answering you, and if I'm real good, I'll finish the first draft today.

There's no release date. My publisher hasn't read it yet and when they do, they may not accept it.

But if they do accept it, I'll keep everyone informed about publication dates!

Glen said...

Hiya Susan!

I did not know that Scooter was part zombie. Good for him! I have just finished reading the novel Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor and am now reading Warm Bodies which, believe it or not, is a zombie love story. I am enjoying all of them immensely enjoyable.

By the way, I wanted to let you know that I was down at my local BJ's over the weekend and, while their book area is, alas, shrinking, I saw that they had the paperback versions of the first two moon books! They were selling them for the mere pittance of $5.99 which is quite the bargain. To make sure that people bought them, I took the whole stack and moved them to a place of prominence at the front of the table. One day, hopefully, you can do the same for me!

Hope all is well.


Jon C. Hackathorn said...


Tony Kornheiser mentioned you on his radio show this week. Apparently you were a passenger in the Driver Ed. car he was operating that had its door relived by a passing truck.

He also told his audience that you are an author of reknown and that the other passenger was a younl lady named Tina who smoked Marlboro Greens.

It was a funny story and led me to contact you.

Take Care,


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Glen (who I should have said hello to earlier today but I got distracted)-

I always appreciate people showcasing my books. I'll be delighted to return the favor when the time comes!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Jon C. Hackathorn-

Tony was very friendly to me at our last high school reunion. Sadly, I was in a bad mood and didn't want to be there. But I've appreciated his niceness ever since.

I don't remember Tina at all. There was another boy in the car who I had a little crush on, so he's the one I remember (but I guess Tony doesn't).

I was such a bad driver that I actually dropped out of the class. The school went berserk, since I was the first person in their history to drop out of Driver's Ed (I dropped out of classes all the time, but that was the only one that bothered them).

I told them I'd go to NYU and take subways, which is exactly what I did!

Pascaline said...

Hello Susan,

Chroniques de la fin du monde is very successfull in France. You wrote an amazing book.
Hope to see you soon.


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Merci Pascaline!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Because of Scooter's poem, which I quoted on my blog this morning, I also mentioned your Moon trilogy, with links to what I had written about the books on my blog in 2008 and 2011. I see (below) that my post is already linked to this one, but here's the URL, anyway:


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good morning Bonnie Jacobs-

At Scooter's insistence, I put a link to your blog on Twitter.

He is now awaiting fan mail (or spleens, whichever comes first)!