Friday, May 4, 2012

The Mythbusters Were Nice Enough Not To Comment On My Bra Strap

And I'm sure you'll be equally polite.

Here I am on the Titanic:

I discover its fate.

I took this picture of flowers while I was waiting for my worldly and sophisticated friend Renee to find a place for me to get ice cream.

Princess Summerfallwinterspring says it's fashionable to show a bra strap. And she's tres more fashion conscious than I am (obviously).

Isn't this picture weird? Mayim Bialik looks like half the girls I went to high school with. And I look like an overweight cutout.

But I do look good with astronauts.

In case you were wondering if I actually met the Mythbusters* or Mayim Bialik, the answer is no. Just had my picture taken with them. But the astronaut and I had a nice conversation.

I think I've offered sufficient proof that I actually was in Washington DC. Where else could one find such a dazzling combination of myth and disaster!

*(Spellcheck hates Mythbusters. It offered as an option Methodists.)


Megan Bernard said...

I went to Washington D.C. too! Though I don't think our trips coincided... I really need to go back and see everything. My trip was one for my school's music department, so there was a lot of performing and not a lot of sight-seeing and museum hopping. I would have LOVED to see the Titanic exhibit! I hope your time in D.C. was fantastic!

--Jude Rosenberg

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Jude Rosenberg-

I did have a great time in DC, thanks to my worldly and sophisticated friend Renee.

I must confess that she beat me 2 out of 3 games of Trivial Pursuit (including the Silver Screen edition, which I used to be unbeatable in), proving that not only is she considerably more worldly and sophisticated than me, she's also a lot smarter!

Fear Death By Water said...

I was showing Mrs. Fear Death By Water your pictures. She noticed and commented on 'the strap' right away. I being a bit more reserved will only let you know that Adam Savage did his own lil' apocalyptic venture. A film called 'Ever Since The World Ended'. You guys had more to talk about than you knew. looks like it's free on youtube in it's entirety. That's the first part.

Glad you had fun thanks for posting the pictures. You are indeed a classy lady.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Mr. and Ms. Fear Death By Water-

If I'd had any chance to talk to the MythBusters, I would have told them my favorite one was when they blew up a jail cell using Alka Seltzer.

I found that particularly exciting because I use Alka Seltzer to keep my drains clear (I typed that as brains clear, which is a whole other issue).

But, alas, all I said to them was Thank you, and I'm not even sure I said that!