Thursday, October 25, 2007

And Now The Bolivian Hat Can Retire

I'm pleased to report that 33 people e-mailed their interest in Marion Lloyd Books ARC of The Dead And The Gone. That meant everyone had a one in eleven shot of having their e-mail address picked out of the Bolivian hat. Those odds are considerably better than winning the lottery but you'd rather win the lottery, I'm sure.

Still, the names have been drawn, and I've e-mailed all three winners. For those of you who didn't win, just remember," Lucky In Lotteries, Unlucky In Bolivian Hats." That's always been one of my favorite morals from Aesop.

To make sure only chance was involved in the selection process, I kept both eyes closed while I drew. As it happens, an itinerant courtroom artist happened by as I was sticking my hand in the hat, and immortalized the moment.

Notice how much weight I've lost since Monday!

Thanks again to all of you for your e-mails. I received so many wonderful messages, some from people I've had previous contact with, and others from people I've yet to get to know. This has been another great week for me and Life As We Knew It thanks to all of you. I'm very appreciative, and only wish I had another 30 ARCs to mail out.


Unknown said...

Well I can always attempt to talk to your publisher directly :S. I do do book reviews for a blog--not mine, a fellow blogger's--so perhaps...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I would rather win the lottery 'cause I would have been Mother-of-the-Year in this house if I'd brought home an ARC of that book!

Anonymous said...

Boy, that Aesop sure was a smart guy! You should hang out with him more often.

Congratulations to all the winners, but, please, don't go blurting out any of the secrets that the book holds for the rest of us.

I managed not to know the ending of Harry Potter for three weeks (until my kids were finished reading our copy and I finally had my chance - although I didn't much like it), so don't ruin TDATG.



Marci said...

You should wear a shirt with that skirt!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to content myself with knowing it just gives me more time to read the pile of books I'm already working on. Still...::sniff::

Jenna said...

I am dreadfully upset that I was late catching up on my blogs and missed my chance? I would absolutely have sent an email to be entered into the drawing. Can't you take the results to your publisher and ask for more ARCs??