Monday, October 22, 2007

Anyone Want An ARC of The Dead And The Gone?

You have no idea how many cutesy names I came up for this entry, but I'm just back from my exciting trip to Peabody, MA and Bishop Fenwick High School and I'm too tired to remember any of them.

Anyway, Marion Lloyd Books, UK publisher of Life As We Knew It and The Dead And The Gone, just sent me slightly anglicized advance reading copies/ uncorrected proofs of the latter, and at my request, they included three additional copies for me to offer to people who read my blog.

I have no idea how many of you would be interested and since I love each and every one of you (including the ones I haven't ever had contact with), I've decided this is the best approach:

If you are interested in having a copy, send me an e-mail via that cute little link on the left. Just say you're interested, or you want one, or you hate my guts but you'd like a copy anyway (well, if you put it that way I won't love you anymore, but I gather you're all right with that). I now know to check the junk folder (some of my best e-mails end up there), so if you send me an e-mail, I'm certain I'll find it.

I'm going to Skate America on Friday, so Thursday 8 PM Eastern Standard (or daylight, whatever it is) Time is the deadline. This is not a "first three who write and ask" offer.

If three or fewer people are interested, well there's no problem, except a bruised ego (and with the reviews Life As We Knew It has been getting on Amazon lately, my ego knows from suffering). If four or more people express a desire, then I'll write little slips with people's e-mail addresses on them, and pull three of them out of a hat (I have the hat too; it's from Bolivia and it was a gift, but that's a whole other story). I'll e-mail you back, ask for your address, but realistically speaking, won't mail the ARC out until Monday (the sooner I get to Skate America, the more practice sessions I can see).

There are only two things I ask of you. One is not to resell the ARC, since it says on the back cover not to. The other is if you like The Dead And The Gone once you've read it (oh, I guess that's another thing I ask- please read it), say so somewhere in public. If you don't like it... well my poor bruised ego will just have to deal with it.

I am now going to unpack. I hope to hear from at least three of you between now and Thursday evening!


Anonymous said...

I must say that I have emailed you. You can be assured that after reading, if it is anything near as great as LAWKI that I will fully recommend this book. Recently, our students took my advice and started reading LAWKI: I must tell you that for two months now, it is constantly checked out and has a waiting list of reserves. Also, I have to point this out because it happens so little, the reserve list is male and female students and faculty.

Thanks for creating such a great escape, however, on full moon nights I still look over my shoulder at the moon to be sure it is still where it is supposed to be. :^)

Librarina said...

OMG! Please tell me there is more than one... I have been dying to read this book! I will e-mail you too, but I had to comment as soon as I saw this!

Karin Perry said...

I know I am SOOOO late, but I just saw this entry. I've emailed you too, but wanted to go ahead and respond here.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm still reading Life as we Knew It, and I absolutely LOVE it!
I wanna finish it soon though and read The Dead and The Gone but I don't know if its a lot darker than Life as We Knew it. I mean don't get me wrong Life as We Knew it is dark, but could you actually make a book based on its events and make it even DARKER. Well I'm gunna check the book out anyways. Oh and good job on Life as We knew It. I mean, its awesome:)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anonymous and welcome to the blog-

People do seem to to think the dead & the gone is darker than LAWKI. I guess I agree.

Once I start knocking off all humanity, I really do enjoy myself!

I hope you keep enjoying LAWKI and should you read d&g, I hope you like it as well.