Friday, October 5, 2007

It's Tomato Time!

Remember way back when I posted about how Life As We Knew It was nominated for an award in Coventry England, and how each week the website would splat a tomato on the book that got the fewest votes until finally the book without any tomatoes splatted on it would win?

You know why you don't remember? Because you have a life. Good thing I don't, because today I checked their website, and there was LAWKI, so far tomato free.

Naturally I voted. They did ask some personal questions (first name, age-thank goodness 20+ was an option- and postal code), all of which I answered honestly.

Anyway if you want to vote, just go to and scroll to the right, to the right, until you see the classy UK cover for LAWKI.

And if you don't want to vote, well that's okay too. I've suffered worse humiliations than having tomato splatted all over one of my books. Like that time in the school cafeteria when I went to sit down and Tony Kornheiser pulled the chair out from under me...


Marci said...

We must avoid splatting at all costs! The cover is too beautiful to be splatted.

Anonymous said...

Just to say hello from Coventry, UK and not to panic "evictions" from the awards do not begin until January 6th and then the two books with the least votes get a splat until we get the final winner on February 13th. We really do not want to upset authors by this but hope you can see that it is great to be shortlisted amongst some really good competition! Young people really enjoy being in control of who wins and because everyone starts again at zero after an eviction people have to keep coming back and voting - its very exciting! Anything that gets people interested in great books has to be a good thing don't you think?
I am very excited by having comments and votes coming in from the USA and Canada! Take a look at some of the polls for other age groups and adults - we aim to get the whole family reading!

Unknown said...

This is Susan's mother Freda and I just voted.

Thank you everybody who wished me a happy 96th birthday.

Marci said...

Hello Freda! I look forward to wishing you a happy 97th next year.