Friday, February 8, 2008

A Quick Request For The Dead And The Gone ARCS

I'm hoping to do a blog entry about the Possible Third Book, but I haven't heard back from my poor beleaguered editor yet, after I e-mailed her the answers to her not unreasonable questions of What Is This Book About? and Why Would Any Sane Person Want To Read It?

I have, however, received a request for an ARC of the dead and the gone, and I know of at least one other person who would like to read it (for purely professional reasons).

Does anyone have a copy they have no sentimental attachment to (i.e. would be willing if not flat out eager to dump?).

If you do, could you use the cute little e-mail link to the left to let me know? I am actually down to one and only copy myself, and oddly enough, I don't intend to part with it (stop hissing).

Okay. I'm off to do my recycling and have lunch with my mother and get our hairs cut, so if I get the okay on P3B, I'll be ready. Should my poor beleaguered editor e-mail me with the go ahead, I'll blog about what I intend to do with the story.

If not, at least I'll have gotten a good haircut.


Anonymous said...

Off to do your recycling? What does that mean? Don't you have a garbage service that picks up recyclables once a week? We have this hideous plastic box that we put out once a week and they take away in a truck that produces a noise that scares dogs and small children.

Anyway... I would gladly let someone read my ARC, but it's making the rounds of my neighborhood. Actually, a family with five boys has it now, so I don't know when I'll get it back. Maybe they could read it aloud and it will return sooner? I will suggest that.

I went to a library near where I work and, finally, found The Year Without Michael. I'm excited to read it (although I have three books ahead of it - one of which is the last entry in the Herbie Brennan Fairae Wars books; one I've been looking forward to for quite a while), but the print in TYWM is so small that I'm going to need a magnifying glass to decipher it. The book itself is half the size of a normal book. Sue, why do they publish in such a small format? Is it to discourage us older readers who enjoy young adult books? Is it to give you only fifty percent of your normal royalties?

And what makes a young adult book a young adult book?

Yours in anonymity...


Marci said...

I have a nice xlib hardcover copy of The Year Without Michael if anyone wants to read it. Email Miss Susan Beth Pfeffer and she will pass the possible recipient's name and address on to me. She may kill me for this, but I am taking my chances. If there are more than one of you, you will have to do a book version of a chain letter and pass it on.