Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm So FAME-ous!

As mornings go, I'd have to say this has been one of the top five of my life (don't ask me what the other four were, since I have no idea; I just don't want this one morning to get too swelled a head).

To start with, I received an e-mail from Florida, asking if I could attend their FAME conference this September. That's The Florida Association for Media in Education (but you all knew that).

I took my time before responding, since my happy dance lasted at least five minutes (and no doubt disturbed my downstairs neighbors, who may not be regarding this as one of their top five mornings ever). But then I e-mailed back my acceptance with so much grace and dignity, none of you would have recognized me.

Meanwhile, my dear friends at Google sent me an e-mail, just because they'd noticed Life As We Knew It had been mentioned somewhere in this darling universe of ours. I followed their link, and discovered that LAWKI has been nominated for a young readers award in Sheffield, England. The same country as Coventry, only this award doesn't seem to involve tomato splatting, thank goodness.

All right. I'm off to e-mail my poor beleaguered editor. I sent her an e-mail last night with a one paragraph summary of Possible Third Book, and she e-mailed back just now asking a few basic questions (What is this book about? Why would anyone in their right minds want to read it?).

I know the answer to her first question. The second one is a little tougher. But if I can do the happy dance while avoiding being splatted by tomatoes, I can think of something!


Librarina said...

People would want to read it because we are already so into LAWKI and d&g, of course! Heck, I am dying to read the next post about P3B, let alone the book! Good luck convincing the editor to turn P3B into 3B...

Marci said...

But will the cats be as happy as you are?

California, Florida and maybe Sheffield? Wow!

Dawn said...

I can not imagine why the publisher would hesitate with a possible third book. Everything that you have posted about it sounds so great! Also...I think your readers are really going to want to know what happens in the near future of this crazy tilted moon world. Both LAWKI and D&G take place immediately in the aftermath...I can't wait to see how people are dealing with this a couple years later.


PS- Congrats!!