Monday, February 18, 2008

Post (Birthday) Mortem

I had a very nice birthday. I don't recommend eating birthday cake for seventy though.

The wonderful Becky has published an interview with me. For any of you who might be interested, here's the link:

The poll on whether I should post the possible third book outline ended last night with the majority voting that I should. I'm going to keep it on the blog for a week, and then delete it.

The rules are simple. Don't post comments about the outline. Don't e-mail me your thoughts or comments. I doubt any of you will be inclined to blog about it, but just in case, I'd appreciate it if you didn't (Google tells me everything). It's not that I don't value your opinion. It's that I value it too highly.

There are a couple of references in the outline to characters from Life As We Knew It and the dead and the gone. If you think of such things as spoilers, don't read the outline.

I'm posting the outline because a lot of you helped me when I was working through the plot, and I thought you might be interested to see how I incorporated your ideas. Keep in mind, the outline is an organic part of the writing process for me. I changed things in it as recently as last night. If P3B ever gets published, there will be many things that aren't in the outline and a few things that are completely different from it.

Posting the outline will make it easier for me if I blog about writing the book, since I'll assume you'll understand the references to characters and story.

And speaking of writing the book, once I get these blogs posted, that's exactly what I'll be doing. Wish me luck!


Paige Y. said...

I thought the interview was wonderful. Hope you had a great birthday and happy writing (we're all cheering you on)!

Dawn said...

I am only going to say thank you for posting the outline!

Hope you had a super fantastic birthday!


Caroline said...

What a brilliant interview! Becky did a great job!

& I feel the same way about the moon! I'm thankful for it now... and I'm glad its not any closer than what it is!

& Happy Birthday! Sorry for the lateness =)

thank you for the outline!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Paige Y., Dawn, and Caroline-

Becky did do a great job with her interview questions, and I had a wonderful time answering them.

It was funny to read the answers and see how completely impatient I was to get started on P3B. Like I could actually wait until next fall! Ha.

I like "Thank you" as a response. So thank you for the thank yous.

My birthday really was very nice, with lots of phone calls and e-mails. But yesterday I found out two people I'm fond of are scheduled to have surgery.

I guess I really am 60 now!

Anonymous said...

Since 'Thank Yous' are OK, I'll add mine as well.

Thank you for posting the outline!

Also, Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to add my thank you, too. Please, please keep writing Susan. and happy belated birthday!