Monday, February 11, 2008

It's All Kelly Clarkson's Fault

I got an e-mail from my goddaughter on Saturday saying she'd read my most recent blog entry and while she didn't want to reveal too much about my birthday present, I should think hard before shopping over the next few days.

I took that to mean that she'd either gotten me a business outfit suitable for California and Florida or red earrings.

My money was on the latter, so off to the Galleria I went. Apparently their management had read the same article I had on about how people who are sad and self-absorbed spend more, because they played "Because Of You" while I strolled to Macy's.

Coincidence or not, I purchased an pants suit- aqua colored jacket, short sleeved grey sweater with aqua trim, and grey slacks which fit perfectly just as long as I don't exhale.

Naturally, as soon as I came home, I turned the internet on to look for weather forecasts for Saturday. Accuweather has moved the cute little snowflakes to Sunday (my birthday, but since I have no plans for the day, what do I care). Yahoo has the little snowflakes on Saturday, but you could see its heart wasn't in it. So maybe Janet was right telling me not to obsess.

After I'd checked the important stuff, I looked for e-mails, and what should I find, but one from my poor beleagured (and very smart) editor. She read the outline for Possible Third Book and she liked it. Out of deference to my neuroses, she had a lot of questions, mostly about very small details and all of which I could have answered (I didn't, because she's beleagured enough). She did remind me the dead and the gone is going to have to do well and not be the dud and the gone for the P in P3B to vanish, but she thought it was helpful that P3B is set three years after d&g and Life As We Knew It. She specifically liked the plot twists and she didn't even seem to mind the bleakity bleak.

I told you she was very smart. I may even have to remove those ().

Because of feeling sad and self-absorbed, I didn't start writing today, and Wednesday, of course, is volunteer work day, and I made a lunch date with my mother for Thursday, so there's no point starting P3B on Tuesday. Or Friday, because Saturday I'll be dodging snowflakes in NYC with Janet, and I'm certainly not going to work on my birthday. So I guess I'll begin P3B on Feb. 18, a national holiday for most of you, but just another Monday (albeit without mail) for me.

Ooh. No mail on Sunday (my birthday) or Monday (the day after my birthday). I'm starting to feel sad and self-absorbed all over again. I'd better hide my MasterCard before I single handedly pull this country out of recession, and push it instead where it belongs, into a time of drought and famine and volcanoes and tsunamis and earthquakes and epidemics.

I'm feeling better already!

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Marci said...

I bought THREE DVDs and a new DVD player this morning, so I must be sad and in a spending mode. The new DVD player is a SONY and not a no name brand which is what all of the other non working DVDs in my house are, so I have high hopes for it. And I didn't even buy the extended warranty for it, so I must not too TOO sad. At any rate, two of the DVDs are very old and only cost $4 each, so I wasn't exactly spending out of control and the DVD player was on sale at Target.

I am thrilled that the editor liked the P3b outline. I am sure that we will too. And no more suggestions.