Friday, May 22, 2009

Never! And I Mean It! Never!

Decades ago, when I was a senior in college, I decided for reasons I'll go into some other time, to write a young adult novel (and I did; it was called Just Morgan, and it got reviewed in the New York Times and everything). But before I began writing, I told everyone I knew (at least 4 people, maybe as many as 5), that I was going to write a book. I figured that way I'd be too embarrassed not to finish.

It worked then. So now I'm proclaiming to everyone who reads this blog (at least 4 people, maybe 5) that I'm never going to watch American Idol again. Never! I'm making this a public declaration so you can hold me to it. Never ever ever.

You would think that by not watching American Idol, I'd get a lot more free time, since for me the joy of AI isn't AI, but the endless blogs and message boards on the subject. But last night, instead of reading about AI or anything else, I played two hands of Free Cell with an actual deck of cards. I won both, which leads me to believe the computer version makes it harder for a reason.

I did begin Mistress Of The Monarchy though. As of the moment, we know almost nothing about Katherine Swynford, including who her mother was. This one's going to be a real challenge for Alison Weir.

My friend Lew (aka Lewis Grossberger) is now a contributor to True/Slant. Here's a link to his latest entry.

This morning at 4 AM, Scooter decided to play Purr On The Neck, with unusual fervor. At one point he climbed on my head and planted a flag on my left cheek. I actually gave in at 4:30, got up and put some dry food in his bowl. That bought me two more hours sleep.

A week ago, Marci and Alice came over so Alice could meet Scooter. Alice took a video of Scooter playing her her hair. If you can accept the concept of a video of a twelve week old kitten being kind of kinky, well, it's kind of kinky. Gustave Klimt would have loved it.

But I bet he would have sworn off American Idol after this season also!


Anonymous said...

You're right, Sue, it was absolutely terrible what happened the other night. Personally, I don't trust that they are telling us the truth when it comes to the results. I believe AI has become like wrestling where the storyline is known before it even starts. Maybe the singers don't know, but I think the producers do.

If Adam would have won, we wouldn't be talking about AI days later, now would we?

(By the way, no offense, but I think you are going to watch it next season.)


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hallo Glen-

I don't blame you for your cyncism concerning American Idol or me. I live at the Grassy Knoll over at Television Without Pity (well, I did live there, before renouncing AI).

I admit I've said no more AI in previous years, and I've been pretty good about skipping the audition shows. But I root too hard and waste too much time on it. So maybe this time the resolution will stick.

I'd give a report about the concert (I'm going to the Newark show), but I'm gonna leave after Adam sings, so the review would be incomplete. Nothing against Kris, but I'd rather get a headstart on traffic.

Linda Jacobs said...

They difinitely have to change the voting process! I tried to vote but couldn't get through so said to hell with it. But those little teeny boppers? They never gave up and millions of them voted for Kris's smile! Disgusting!

But I know I will watch again. The music is just so darn good! I did enjoy the finale! Except for the finale!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good morning Linda Jacobs-

Maybe I should just watch the finale next year. That way I won't be emotionally invested, except in that nonchalant way I have of picking someone almost arbitrarily to root for.

Then again, if I do that, and let you all know, Glen will say, "I told you so."

Hmm. I have to think about this some more (I guess I have a year to decide!).

Anonymous said...

I will say that (and take great pleasure in doing so).