Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Noah Waited Less Time For His Ark

I have to admit I like the search button over on the right. I typed in "growl grump," and found I'd growl grumped a mere twice, in all the semi-many years I've written this blog.

So here's one more time: Growl grump growl growl grump.

I remain, in case you couldn't tell, ARCless. No lovely exciting This World We Live In advance reading copies cluttering my doorstep.

I was originally told they'd be out Columbus Day. It is now Veteran's Day. In the amount of time it's taken to discover America and fight two world wars, they haven't been able to print the ARCs (or if they have, they haven't gotten them to me or let me know they exist).

Hold on- I feel some more growl grumps coming this way.

It had been my not irrational hope to get as many mailed out as I could before going to Lake Placid for Skate America. Which I'll be doing in 48 hours. I'd hoped to give an ARC to my friend Janet (to whom the dead and the gone is dedicated) and one to my friend Pam, because I could hardly give one to Janet and not give Pam one, and maybe even drop one off at my mother's, since I'll be stopping there Thursday to change her channel to 162 (she's having problems getting the remote control that high), and, oh I don't know, keep one for myself to paw at and admire.

My guess is I won't be getting any today, because it is a national holiday. Maybe they'll show up tomorrow and I'll just store them until Monday, when I'll pull names out of the Bolivian hat.

Or maybe they'll never come. Maybe my entire career is over and nobody's bothered to tell me.

We will not discuss how my weight keeps going up and my royalty check has yet to arrive and how Scooter has demolished my shower curtain and I'm going to have company who might not find that quite as amusing as I do.

I know I'll feel better if I actually get something done, and I have a lot to do, since I'll be meeting Janet and her husband at the Hideous Mall In Nyack tomorrow at noon, for lunch and a movie (Coco Before Chanel), and then I'll take Janet home with me, stopping off at my mother's to change her channel, and then Friday morning Janet and Pam and I will get a nice early start to Lake Placid. So it would behoove me to stop whining and start cleaning and shopping and packing.

Growl growl grump.

Anyway, if there's someone out there still wanting a chance at an ARC, feel free to email. The hat remains open, apparently indefinitely.

If you need me, I'll be shopping for an unripped shower curtain!


Wendy said...

I finally got it! Ark/ARC. (I'm a little slow and evidently have a need to let everyone know.)
By the way, my almost 7 month old was thoroughly enjoying figure skating on the big TVs at our local Vietnamese restaurant the other night. So much so that it was hard to get him to eat.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Wendy.

You startled me. I thought you meant you got an ARC when I haven't seen mine yet.

I'm glad your baby likes skating. Good thing for me I like it too, since I'll be on my way to Lake Placid tomorrow.

Now I'm on my way to the Hideous Mall In Nyack. Maybe when I get back from the mall, the ARCs will be waiting for me (probably not, but I do have an optimistic nature. And a new uneaten by Scooter shower curtain!).

Wendy said...

Oops. Sorry about that.