Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yankees Win! Theeeeeee Yankees Win!!!!!

It's hard to imitate a radio broadcaster in a blog. But that's what Yankee broadcaster John Sterling sounded like last night.

I know because I was listening to the radio version of the game while watching it on TV. One great advantage was the radio broadcast was a couple of seconds ahead of the TV one, so I knew what was going to happen before it did.

Those of us who like to know the future are very grateful for any such advantages.

Meanwhile, the Yankees owe their victory to me (and I'll expect a ring). I bought a roasted chicken and prepackaged salad at Hannafords last Thursday, and discovered that the days I ate it for lunch or dinner (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday), the Yankees won. Monday, I didn't eat it, and they lost.

So I skipped Tuesday and ate it for supper last night, and the rest is history.

Scooter feels somewhat responsible also, since he's named for Yankee great Phil Rizzuto (all Yankees are referred to as Yankee great, except for a handful who didn't turn out so well). If I were the kind of person who did this sort of thing, I'd buy a little Yankee cap and put it on him just for a photo. But Scooter's great good fortune continues, since I don't do that sort of thing.

I was up until 1 AM celebrating, and Scooter took it quite well when I threw him off the bed at 6:30 (when he thought it was time for the morning Purr On The Neck ritual). He actually let me sleep until 7:30, for which I am very grateful.

I'm also very grateful the Series didn't go for seven games. My nerves couldn't have taken it.

On a totally different subject, I'm pleased to report people who live in Missouri don't have to worry so much about earthquakes. Having killed off most of the state in Life As We Knew It, I'm glad to see my powers don't extend quite that much.

Speaking of powers, I don't have the power to make the ARCS for This World We Live In appear at my doorstop (or anyplace else for that matter). If they come before Wednesday, I'll try my darndest to get as many of them to the Bolivian Hat winners as I can before going to Skate America that Friday. If they show up later, then they won't get sent off until Evan Lysacek has landed his final triple axel there.

Ooh ooh, the doorbell just rang. That's my friend Hilarie. She's driving through my part of NY on her way to PA to a Highlights Foundation Writing Non-Fiction For Children Workshop, being given by Barbara Kerley, and we're having lunch.

I may not be able to predict the future, but I can predict I won't be ordering roasted chicken!


Maddy M. said...

I am so happy about them winning and living in New Hampshire doesn't make it easy to be happy! By the way, my word is periason and it totally just reminded me of scooter and my own seven cats! I am looking forward to the arcs getting there even if I don't get one. I am so excited about this world we live in! Have fun at your skating show!

Anonymous said...

Being a Met fan, watching this was a bit hard (although my wife and daughters are Yankee fans so I sat with them). However, I can justify rooting for the Yankees in that the owners seem to care about the team and are always buying the best palyers they can. I guess if you have to root for a team, might as well root for a winner.

Also, your title sounds like it's from medieval times. (Say, that's a great name for a theme restuarant, don't you think?)

Unknown said...

I'm so happy that your team won. I didn't really pay close attention. What was your favorite game of the series?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Maddy M. and Anonymous and Derrick-

I just told my mother that I'd be visting her tomorrow later than I'd planned, since I'm going to watch the Yankee victory parade in the morning.

I have my priorities.

Sympathies to Mets fans (I don't always say that). What a jinxed season for them.

My favorite game of the series was the last one, because the Yankees were ahead from the beginning. I'd been hoping the Yankees would win 18-3, with a dozen or so runs scored in the first, and I didn't get that, but they were ahead enough that I didn't go totally crazy. Which is a good thing.

And I'm really looking forward to the ARCs also. Maybe they'll show up on Monday (I hope I hope I hope!).

Anonymous said...

Haha, I was rooting for the Phillies.
Have you chosen the emails yet, or are you waiting until you get the ARCs?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good evening Anonymous-

The Phillies are my second favorite team (definitely my favorite National League team), and the Yankees were the only team I would have wanted to beat them.

And no, I haven't pulled any names out yet. People are still emailing me to go into the hat (which is fine), and I won't do the drawing until I actually have the ARCs.

My word verification is vorsen, which sounds very Swedish Chef to me!