Friday, May 8, 2009

Catching Up

I had a really wonderful time in New Hampshire.

I spent Wednesday at Rundlett Middle School, in Concord, talking with the seventh graders there. Nancy Keane is their school media specialist, and she took extra good care of me. During one break, she drove me around Concord. It's the state capitol. It has many lovely homes, and at least one Dunkin Donuts (I never claimed I ate sensibly when I was on the road).

Thursday I was the luncheon speaker for the New Hampshire Educational Media Association. I told everyone the story of how I came to write Life As We Knew It and The Dead And The Gone, and how my life had changed for the better as a result. People laughed, but I'm pretty sure only at appropriate times.

After I was through speaking, I got to meet Linda Jacobs. What a pleasure that was. I love reading the comments you leave on this blog, but I never get to meet any of you. Or if I do, you're all named Anonymous and I don't know that I've actually met you. But Linda Jacobs is a real person with a real name and it was a real joy to meet her.

I missed Scooter something fierce, and forced roughly half the state of New Hampshire to look at pictures of him. If half of New Hampshire had to, why should you be spared. Here are two of the more than two pictures I brought with me.

New Hampshire, by the way, is a very beautiful state, but the weather was kind of grey and gloomy, so the scenery didn't show up too well. Otherwise I would have stopped to take many scenic photographs.

Back in the real world, I'm still waiting to hear from the newest editor about This World We Live In. I've decided in spite of not hearing anything, that it really is going to be published and therefore intend to put the title in italics from this moment on. Here goes: This World We Live In. I'm also searching for a good nickname for it. I guess I can go with TWWLI, but if anyone has a better suggestion, let me know. B3, which I've used up until now, sounds too generic.

So now I'm home, albeit exhausted. I intend to spend the next few days reading (Devil's Gate by David Roberts- I got it via interlibrary loan, so I feel a strong obligation to read it right away), and playing with Scooter (who woke me up at 4 this morning, he was purring so ecstatically because I was home), and obsessing over American Idol (go Adam go, which actually means stay Adam stay). Oh, and speaking of going and staying, Sasha Cohen has accepted an invitation to compete at Skate America in Lake Placid, which I have tickets for (I'm going with my friends Janet and Pam).

No work and all play sounds good to me right now!


Linda Jacobs said...

I have to say that I really loved your speech on Thursday. It was funny and wise and engaging. When you talk about your books, your face just lights up and you glow! very contagious!

I'm getting ready to teach your books again and told my kids all about you and them and now they are psyched to begin.

Thanks for the mention, too!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hallo Linda Jacobs-

I loved having the chance to meet you. It was a high point of a really wonderful trip.

Scooter is intrigued by the cursor, so he's adding his paw print to this comment!

Anonymous said...

I have 1 sudgestion to call your book. Your MB3. Its like MVP but it means Moon Book 3.


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Jill-

Thank you for the suggestion. I like MB3 a lot.

One of the blog regulars emailed me to suggest TWWLI, but pronounced Tweelee, which I also like.

If people can come up with a couple of more suggestions, I'll run a poll, as I did for nicknames for the dead and the gone. That way I don't have to make the decision!