Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stuck Stuck Stuck Stuck Stuck Stuck Stuck

At the Salt Lake City airport for 3 hours (after having gotten here 2 hours early) because of a problem with the airplane.

I am feeling crankier and crankier.

It's a long flight home and a pretty long drive from the airport and I want to be on my way already!

So I just figured I'd  complain to all of you.

Thank you for listening- your stuck at the airport pal Susan Beth Pfeffer


Glen said...

Just read Mr. Maberry's entry on facebook and he is writing while waiting for a connecting flight. Don't you think that, instead of complaining,you should be writing that fifth Moon book that we will all be clamoring for soon?


Emily said...

Did you enjoy Utah? I'm still so hecka sad I couldn't make it to Provo yesterday!

Fear Death By Water said...

Would more Starbucks help you? I owe you a 'thank you' gift for the fourth moon book any how. :)

Fear Death By Water said...

also rabble rabble *fifth book* rabble rabbel

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello to Glen and Emily and Fear Death By Water-

Let's not hold our breaths waiting for a fifth moon book.

The fourth one still doesn't have a title!

Emily said...

I read your entry from today, so I know you made it home. But, I was going to suggest that you just make Utah your second home. Stay awhile! It was fun to meet you on Saturday!