Monday, May 16, 2011

The Bolivian Hat Has Spoken

First thing on a Monday morning at that.

I've pulled the four names out and sent the appropriate emails. So if you haven't gotten one, it means, alas, the Bolivian hat has failed you (it probably failed a Bolivian or two in its day).

I'll try to convince my publisher to send me more ARCs, and if I succeed, all your names will return to the hat for another drawing.

In any case, thank you for expressing your interest in Blood Wounds. Let's hope it meets with people's approval!


thatchinskykid said...

i have been failed upon....or something....better luck next time!

tigerlily* said...

Thank you Susan anyway for your offer! Better luck next time!

Mr. Cavin said...

...and here I always thought of myself as a hat person. Congrats to the winners!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello thatchinskykid and tigerlily* and Mr. Cavin-

Thank you and thank all of you for trying your luck with the Bolivian hat.

If my publisher sends me any more ARCs, the hat will go back into service (but now I should put all the email addresses into a sandwich bag, and let the hat return to its home in the bathroom!).

Anonymous said...

I commend you on your generosity. I didn't put in this time as I figure it's time to know the pleasure of buying a Susan Beth Pfeffer book when it comes on sale!