Monday, May 23, 2011

Sick (And Tired) Day...Okay, Just Tired Day

This morning when I exercycled, I was too exhausted to watch an episode from Season 1 of The Facts Of Life DVD. Actually, it takes a lot of energy to watch episodes from Season 1 (at least based on the two episodes I've seen) because it's pretty dreadful and thus seriously energy draining. It'll pick up once Season 2 begins, but right now I don't have the mental fortitude to think that far ahead.

So instead of plowing my way through the DVD, I channel flipped, ending up, as I always do, on Lifetime Movies. And who should I see there but Tori Spelling. It took me a few moments to confirm the movie was Mother, May I Sleep With Danger, the made for TV movie with the all time best title ever of all time, in no small part because of the perfection of its iambicdom.

I'd tell you how it turned out, but I flipped over to CNN at 9:00, so I'll never know.

Naturally I was curious about why I was too exhausted for The Facts Of Life Season 1, so I looked at my calendar and my date book to see what I'd been up to.

It started, as all high stress periods do, with taking Scooter to the vet. Then I took me to Connecticut, upstate New York and Tennessee for school visits, to Rockland County (one county down from me) for 3 libraries in an afternoon, 1 quick local library visit, and Arizona for a school visit. I moved my mother into enriched housing and moved her out of enriched housing. I finished writing and rewriting The Offering and sent it to my agent. I determined that my publisher was interested in a synopsis for The Shade Of The Moon, wrote a 12 page one and sent that off, then at their request wrote a 2 sentence version of same and sent that off. I devoted extraordinary amounts of brain cells, at the cost of many normal nights' sleep, to working out a plot for The Shade Of The Moon. And this weekend, I had houseguests (but no world ending rapture, alas).

Want to know how I've gotten through all this? Candy and cookies. Lots of candy and cookies. Maybe some cake I no longer remember, but definitely supplemental ice cream.

Since I've yet to hear from my agent about The Offering or my editor about The Shade Of The Moon, and I've run out of candy, cookies, cake and ice cream, I intend to take to bed. I'm not even going to ask my mother permission to sleep, with or without danger. I'm just gonna.

Who knows. Maybe after a day of doing absolutely nothing, I'll have the strength tomorrow to exercycle my way through an episode or two of The Facts Of Life!

ETA: I may be doing nothing today but my beloved Google Alerts is keeping busy sending me this fabulous link.


Wanda Vaughn said...

Wow! With all that going on lately, it's no wonder that you have low energy. (I won't mention the effects of cookies, cakes and ice cream on the body if you don't ha-ha)

I have season 1 of Moonlighting that I need to sit down and watch. Love me some Maddy and Addison!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Wanda Vaughn-

After years and years of personal research, I've found the medicinal qualities of cookies, candy, cake and ice cream can not be overstated.

Overeaten perhaps. But never overstated!

Anonymous said...

If nothing else, Facts of Life has got that great theme song. Once it gets in your head, it doesn't want to come out.

By the way, did you ever see Christmas in July?


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Glen-

I am now obsessively humming The Facts Of Life theme song.

You are a cruel man.

I've seen all the Preston Sturges films zillions of times. I love Preston Sturges.

Preston Sturges would never have put The Facts Of Life theme song into my sad weary mind!

your youngest biggest fan! said...

oh look at your cat! i <3 cats! i have two!