Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's A Date

April 50th came early this year. My royalty check arrived in today's mail, and it was actually quite a bit larger than I'd anticipated.

My bad mood of last night evaporated pretty quickly, even before the check arrived. I haven't had the TV on today, so I don't know if I still have the hi def stations, but with the way it's raining, most likely all the east coast baseball games will get rained out anyway (and the Yankees won last night, so all is forgiven).

In between the showers and storms, I bought impatiens plants and got them planted, some in the little tiny patch of land to the side of my front door, the rest in the patio window boxes. Neither spot gets much sunlight, so impatiens work best there (so do coleus plants, but for some reason they're not as easy to find as they used to be).

Morgaine, in a comment to last night's grumpfest, points out that today is May 18, and that's the day the meteor hits the moon in Life As We Knew It and The Dead And The Gone. You'd think I'd know that, and thoroughly enjoy getting my royalty check on that very date, but I thought I killed off all humanity on May 20, aka April 50th.

Apparently it's a moot point, and I'm not going to be around much longer to enjoy the money anyway. I just read an article saying the world's coming to an end on Saturday. Of course with interest rates what they are these days, it doesn't really matter if I deposit the check or merely cash it and hide the money under my mattress (it's probably safer under the mattress; I have one of those really big heavy mattresses), but I would like to have the sensation of money in the bank (or under the mattress) for more than three days.

Conversely, if the world is coming to an end, it'd be nice if it came to an end on May 18, because then people would be very impressed with my psychic powers and I could maybe get a TV series out of it (or at least an appearance on Jerry Springer). And since I'm scheduled to move my mother back to her apartment tomorrow, if the world comes to an end tonight (it being 6:17 PM Eastern Time as I type), I wouldn't have to pack and unpack all those books all over again.

I have two chocolate chip cookies in the freezer. What with the world coming to an end any minute now, I might as well eat them. After all, the dead don't diet (now there's a name for a noir).

If it turns out the world isn't coming to an end sometime between today and May 21, I'll see you all on May 22 (give or take). By which time the cookies will long be gone and there'll only be three (I think) days before we'll know who won American Idol.

With that to look forward to, I hope the world lasts just a little bit longer!


Linda Jacobs said...

I started reading d&g with one of my classes yesterday and a girl pointed out that it was May 18, the date of the first chapter and the meteor hitting the moon. I didn't plan it and was tickled that she noticed.

Jarvis said...

Go spend that royalty check on something nice. Tis the End of the World, after all. Oyy, this day is going to get old fast.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello to Linda Jacobs (and Linda Jacob's class) and to Jarvis-

I'm very excited that the world is coming to an end tomorrow, although I did spend yesterday moving my mother back to her apartment (and unpacking all those books one more time). Friends of mine will be visiting for the weekend, so I'll have company when it happens (one so hates to be alone when the world comes to an end).

You know how much pleasure I get when the word verification seems to match the topic? Well, today it's "ardialsh" which, as best I can tell, matches absolutely nothing.

Definitely a sign of the world coming to an end!

Anonymous said...

you are the best arthor ever! i have read all of the survivors series. I really hope you write a sequal to this world that we live in the books are amazing!



Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thank you Anonymous and Ur Youngest Biggest Fan-

I'm still waiting to hear from my publisher whether they're going to want a fourth book.

When they decide, I'll let you know!